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THe Mary Harris Jones Legacy Society

The Mary Harris Jones Legacy Society is a group of especially committed supporters who share a simple mission: to sustain the good fight and ensure that Mother Jones will be raising hell well into the future.

Legacy Society members make provisions for Mother Jones through their wills or retirement accounts, through gifts of securities, or through other planned-giving methods. This kind of forward-looking philanthropy enables them to make contributions larger than their current incomes may allow and helps ensure that Mother Jones stays alive and kicking even after they’re gone.

Each person’s financial considerations are different, and the laws applicable to estates and trusts vary from state to state. Please consult with an attorney or financial adviser with respect to any gifts you may wish to make in your will.

This isn’t an easy topic to broach (but nothing Mother Jones does ever is). Even though Mother Jones won’t benefit from your gift for, hopefully, a very long time, your foresight will be critically impor­tant to our long-term financial strength and will help ensure that future generations of muckrakers and truth-seekers can meet the opportunities and challenges of their times. That’s a legacy that makes a difference.


If you'd like to discuss the possibility of making a planned gift to Mother Jones or need any additional information, please contact Laurin Asdal, director of development, at (415) 321.1700 or



You can also request more information here.