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Meet Our Donors

On behalf of Mother Jones, we would like to thank all of our current donors for their generosity and support. Here are some of their stories.

Steve and Midge CarstensenSteve and Midge Carstensen, Bequeathing a percentage of their estate to Mother Jones—an important influence in their lives.

Steve is a big believer in action. "Many people talk about helping, but fewer actually spend effort to touch others and make real differences in their lives. It's just not enough to know about problems, it is far more important to do something."

Mother Jones moved Steve and Midge to act. Steve hopes that by spreading his message of commitment to Mother Jones that more people will take up the cause that excites them and make a difference.

"I think money left to the Foundation for National Progress is a result of a good choice. I know that it will lead to good outcomes. I am completely confident that this means others will succeed because of what I did. This feels good."

Gene BirminghamGene Birmingham, Leaving a lasting legacy to help further his values.

Gene is a long-time supporter and reader of Mother Jones. For him the magazine has always expressed the values he really believes in.

"I am a retired pastor, and like many Mother Jones readers, I am not a wealthy man. As I was putting together my financial plans, I thought about how my parents’ values had helped shape mine. When I was young and developing my own ideas about the world and then when I took strong public stand against the Vietnam War as a young pastor, my parents and I didn't always see eye-to-eye. However, I will never forget, years after leaving their house, when I gave a speech at a Chicago labor dinner. My mother read the speech and told me, "Your father would be proud of you." This was on my mind when I made my financial plans. I also realized that I had an opportunity to continue – and really deepen – my support to Mother Jones by naming this good and important organization as a beneficiary to a life insurance policy I’ve had for many years. I know the good folks at Mother Jones will use my planned gift well after I’m gone, and it’ll be a lasting legacy of the values I learned over the years."

Geneva FolsomGeneva Folsom, Included a gift to Mother Jones in her will.

Geneva is currently on sabbatical from the Raging Grannies, Sonoma County's acapella political action group.

Geneva has always believed that being a political dissident was the mark of a good citizen, and she has spent most of her careers helping people learn to fight for justice. "I feel there are few places to find unbiased news, and because I desire an alternative to the mainstream TV perspective, I have included a gift to Mother Jones in my estate plans."

If you'd like to discuss the possibility of making a planned gift to Mother Jones or need any additional information, please contact Laurin Asdal, director of development, at (415) 321-1700 or

You can also request more information here.