Fri Mar. 23, 2012
Elizabeth Gettelman
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The Climate Desk


The Guardian, one of the UK's largest news organizations, has joined the Climate Desk, a journalistic collaboration that explores the impact—human, economic, environmental, and political—of climate change. The collaboration, whose partners include The Atlantic, the Center for Investigative Reporting, Grist, Mother Jones, Slate, Wired, and PBS' Need to Know, has the potential to reach millions daily.

“The Guardian has created a truly global news service with more readers outside Europe than within it, and we’ve also committed ourselves to being open to our existing and new audiences, to new technologies and to new ways of uncovering and broadcasting stories,” said Damian Carrington, the Guardian’s head of environment. “Climate change is a subject that requires a new approach to journalism, that cannot be contained within national borders nor understood from a single point of view. We are therefore really excited to be involved with The Climate Desk partnership and to have the opportunity to add to, and draw from, the rich coverage they offer.” 

Launched in March 2010, the Climate Desk is an unprecedented collaborative effort to maximize the shared brainpower and reach of its partners. For the past six months, it has been experimenting with video, data visualization, and social media integration, producing content for the partner sites that is also featured at Climate Desk producer James West, who joined the project last year, has produced a series of viral videos on everything from Republicans who believe in climate science to how the world's religions view global warming. His work complements world-class reportage from across the partnership.

“We wanted to create a multimedia lab where we could experiment with new forms of storytelling to enliven and elucidate this immense, complicated story,” said Mother Jones co-editors Clara Jeffery and Monika Bauerlein, who first convened the partnership. “We're particularly thrilled to have the Guardian, with its great multimedia chops, join us at this juncture. Climate change is global, and so is the Climate Desk's reporting.”

As one of the UK's oldest and most distinguished newspapers, with a substantial digital footprint in the US, the Guardian has recently become a multiplatform media juggernaut. And the publication's longstanding commitment to environmental reporting has made it an internationally trusted authority on environmental news. The first UK newspaper to launch a dedicated environment section, the Guardian has one of the biggest and most prolific environmental coverage teams in the world. You can find its environmental coverage here.

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