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"Mother Jones, the nonprofit magazine of investigative reporting, has been around since 1976, but lately it's been getting plenty of fresh attention. Partly because it's a proven model for nonprofit journalism (the magazine gets support from subscribers, donors, advertisers and foundations) in a moment when old monopoly-driven for-profit business models for journalism, particularly at newspapers, are crumbling. But also because editorially, the magazine has been on a hot streak." Simon Dumenco, Ad Age

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Drugs, Death, Neglect: Behind the Scenes at Animal Planet: James West’s Animal Planet investigation had a big impact—he did a round of interviews on Fusion’s Open Source and CNN’s New Day and Al Jazeera America's Consider This. Many outlets picked up the story including: CNN (and again), Time, Salon, Gawker, and Grist.


MoJo in the News

"Attack of the 50-Foot Muckraker" features MoJo in San Francisco Magazine via San Francisco Magazine
  • San Francisco Magazine profile of Mother Jones: “Attack of the 50-Foot Muckraker,” with the cover line: “Mother Jones is so hot right now”
  • Josh Stearns named our guns investigation “one of the most comprehensive resources on guns in America,” in 2013 best of round up.
  • Mac McClelland’s "Schizophrenic Killer: My Cousin", our spring cover story, was selected as one of Nieman Storyboard’s Best of Narrative, 2013, and Pro Publica named it one of the best stories on mental health.
  • Ian Gordon's investigation of Major League Baseball's Dominican Sweatshop System was named one of the best sports stories of 2013 by and Think Progress listed it as one of the best sports stories of 2013.
  • The New Yorker named Kevin Drum’s lead feature among “the best business journalism of 2013,” and The Wire named his column as one of the best. 
  • Bloomberg Businessweek named Jonah Engle’s "Merchants of Meth" as “one of the best” they didn’t write and Wired listed Matt Connolly's fake meat story as a “must read.”
  • PBS' MediaShift blog lists Mother Jones as an example of a nonprofit news organization worth supporting. 

Hot Topics

Gun Control


Mitt Romney & 47 percent

  • The Associated Press credits Mother Jones with releasing the 47 percent video in an article about Yale Law School naming Mitt Romney's 47 percent comments as the quote of the year. 

Mother Jones on the "Tube"

David Corn appears on CBS's Face the Nation to discuss the NSA domestic surveillance program:


Kevin Drum appears on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Show to discuss his cover story: "America's Real Criminal Element: Lead"



Asawin Suebsaeng appears on Al Jazeera's "The Stream" to discuss how people around the world are preparing for the apocalypse. 

David Corn, Mother Jones' Washington bureau chief, talks about Mitt Romney and the infamous undercover tape on CBS' Face the Nation


The cast of MTV's Jersey Shore debates politics and reads Mother Jones on Funny or Die


Mother Jones co-editors Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery talk dark money in politics on Moyers and Company.


Publisher Steve Katz interviewed at the 2012 International Journalism Festival in Italy



Human rights reporter Mac McClelland reporting in the Gulf on PBS' Need to Know


David Corn on Hardball with Chris Matthews discussing Obama


Kate Sheppard reporting on Big Coal, Citizens United and elections on The Rachel Maddow Show


Publisher Steve Katz on SocialBrite discussing Mother Jones' social media