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October 23, 2015

First Look Media Grants $74,999 to Mother Jones in the Fight for a Free Press

October 7, 2015

Mother Jones Announces Victory in Defamation Case

May 12, 2015

Mother Jones names Monika Bauerlein Chief Executive Officer; Clara Jeffery, Editor-in-Chief

January 15, 2015

Top Industry Award Nomination Caps Year of Record Growth for Mother Jones

July 15, 2014

Mother Jones' Audience Doubled Since 47-Percent Scoop Two Years Ago

May 8, 2014 

Award-Winning Human Rights Journalist Shane Bauer Joins Mother Jones

February 6, 2014

The Huffington Post Joins Global, Multi-Platform Climate Desk Partnership 

January 8, 2014

2013: A Record Year for "Powerhouse" Mother Jones

November 14, 2013

Mother Jones Taps Ivylise Simones as Its New Creative Director

September 20, 2013

Climate Desk Launches Inquiring Minds: Weekly Science Podcast to Explore Where Science, Policy, and Society Collide 

August 14, 2013

Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery Awarded PEN American Center Award for Transforming Mother Jones Into "Powerhouse" Publication

June 27, 2013

Amid Record Growth, Mother Jones Furthers Its Status As a Leading News Organization With Strategic Hires

December 27, 2012

Mother Jones Has Decisive Impact, Sees Record Growth in 2012 [VIDEO]

October 18, 2012

Former Iranian Hostage Shane Bauer Investigates America's Solitary Confinement

May 31, 2012

Mother Jones Wins International Data Journalism Award for FBI Terrorism Informant Database

April 11, 2012

Mother Jones and the Magnum Foundation Form Partnership to Showcase World-Class Photojournalism

March 23, 2012

Climate Desk: The Guardian joins a Relaunched Partnership, Collaboration Goes Global

January 24, 2012

2011: A Year of Record Gains for Mother Jones

July 18, 2011

Mother Jones Sees Huge Growth in Online Traffic, Mobile Users and Social Media Referrals

May 20, 2011

Noted Food and Farming Writer Tom Philpott Joins Mother Jones

April 14, 2011
Mother Jones Makes History in Q1 2011

April 4, 2011
Mother Jones Earns Title of Nation's Greenest Magazine

March 16, 2011
Mother Jones Nominated for Seven Maggie Awards From the Western Publishing Association

March 2, 2011
Mother Jones Reports Highest-Ever Online Traffic, Digital Ad Revenue, and Social Media Participation

January 6, 2011
2010: A Year of Growth and Impact for Mother Jones

November 1, 2010
Mother Jones Continues 2010 Winning Streak with Online News Association Award

September 28, 2010
Marine Biologist Featured in MoJo's BP Cover Story Wins MacArthur "Genius" Award

August 10, 2010
Mother Jones Exclusive Coverage: BP Spill's Worst Effects Likely Not Seen Yet

July 13, 2010
Mother Jones Announces Traffic and Digital Revenue Soar

February 20, 2010
Mother Jones Announces New CEO Madeleine Buckingham and Publisher Steven Katz

March 18, 2009
Mother Jones Nominated for Three National Magazine Awards

August 11, 2009
Shane Bauer on Iraq's Make-a-Sheik Program