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500 bucks. Sure, you could buy yourself a shiny new iPad, but we've got a better idea.

You and your $500 could help Mother Jones shake things up, raise a little hell, and make a lot of change.

As a HELLRAISER, you commit to support Mother Jones with a gift of $500 or more annually. Your investment in reader-supported journalism is a commitment to the endangered species that is original, in-depth, investigative reporting free of corporate influence. Without readers like you, we simply can't do what we do best.

To show our thanks, HELLRAISERS not only get a nifty moniker, you also:

  • Participate in invitation-only Editorial Briefings. Discuss current hot-button issues with reporters and editors via phone three times a year.
  • Receive invitations to Mother Jones events in your area, like dinner with MoJo food writer Tom Philpott, cocktails with our DC bureau chief David Corn, or our annual gala in San Francisco.
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  • Do you happen to live near San Francisco or are planning to visit? Come check out our headquarters!

Love independent journalism but can't commit to $500 or more annually?

We appreciate anything you can muster. By giving $250 you get to call yourself a MUCKRAKER with the likes of David Corn and the rest of our reporting team. And as our way of saying thanks you'll receive:

  • Our digital newsletter, "The Insider."
  • Recognition in our annual report.
  • Our nifty "WHAT THE MUCK?" sticker to slap on your hybrid or laptop.
  • A tour of the office and chance to meet our muckraking journalists, should you ever be in San Francisco.

And hey, we're serious when we say any amount of support helps. We might not have a witty name for you, but we certainly appreciate your support.

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