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What if all the news you consumed relied on corporate advertising dollars to stay afloat? It would probably look a lot like the 24/7 circus of cable news and the shuttered offices of your hometown newspaper.

Unlike for-profit corporate media outlets that are beholden to corporate dollars, Mother Jones is beholden only to you, our readers. You want sound, honest journalism that tells the truth about the issues that matter most, and thanks to supporters just like you, that is what we provide. Please support Mother Jones today.

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Covers the cost of one page of award-winning editorial content in Mother Jones
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Bails a reporter out of jail when they are kettled and rounded up with the protesters they are covering, despite their press credentials. Gifts of $500 or more also make you a member of the HELLRAISERS. Click here to raise some hell. 
Buys a reporter a video camera to document a story beyond the printed page—and you get to call yourself a MUCKRAKER. Click here to find out more.
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