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Yesterday, a video posted by Anonymous announced that the hacktivist entity has declared "total war" on Donald Trump, the possibly computer-semiliterate Republican front runner. This is the shadowy cyberactivists' latest vow to annihilate a formidable enemy—an expanding list of foes that includes terrorist groups, multinational corporations, several countries, and an Australian bowhunter who was killing cats.

So far, the vast majority of Anonymous' targets have survived the much-hyped digital onslaught. As The Hill notes, the newest opening of hostilities with Trump follows a similar declaration last year that "never made much of an impact." 

Here are more than 40 targets that Anonymous members—and eager headline writers—have claimed it has "declared war on":

The Ku Klux Klan


Syrian government websites

Terrorist websites

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood


The US government

The UK government


Cincinnati police

Hong Kong police

Thai police

The Thai junta


North Korea

Saudi Arabia




The Cambodian government

Corruption and poverty in Nigeria






The Westboro Baptist Church

The family court of Australia


Gov. Rick Snyder



The Recording Industry Association of America

Marijuana prohibition


A "rape town"

A "revenge porn" site founder

A "cat killer"

The Lizard Squad Hacker Team

Louis Vuitton

Kanye West

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