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Maddie Oatman

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Maddie worked as a travel guide in Argentina and a teacher at several educational nonprofits in San Francisco before joining Mother Jones. She’s also written for Outside, the Bay Citizen, and the Rumpus. A proud Boulder native, she makes time for mountain climbing, stargazing, and telemark skiing.

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Fleet Foxes Sing the Blues

| Mon May. 9, 2011 3:30 AM PDT

There's a moment towards the end of Fleet Foxes' new album Helplessness Blues, during the song "The Shrine/An Argument," where front man Robin Pecknold's voice cracks in desperation. The fissure may be the emotional nadir of the record's narrative, but it sends ripples down my spine—it's probably been the highlight of my listening experience lately. For the first time, Pecknold dares to waver from his flawless vocal prowess, hinting at a darkness his listeners have rarely experienced from the angelic singer.

Helplessness Blues is not a huge departure from Fleet Foxes, the band's first CD, but it possesses more moments of frustration and despair. By allowing these feelings to creep in, Fleet Foxes have created a more complicated and ambitious repertoire, strengthening their overall reach.

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Revenge of the Predatory Tax Preparers

| Thu Apr. 14, 2011 8:00 AM PDT

 In "Secrets of the Tax Prep Business," Gary Rivlin investigates one of the tax industry's most exploitative services: the refund anticipation loan. Rivlin explains how RALs—short-term, high-interest loans backed by a customer's pending tax refund—are largely responsible for the rapid proliferation of tax-prep chains throughout working-class America. By disguising the high-priced loans as instant refunds, the tax mills bring in hordes of low-income clients who receive the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Thus the preparers' huge profits come at the expense of what Rivlin calls "arguably the nation's most effective anti-poverty program." IRS data (PDF) reveals that nearly two-thirds of RAL recipients received the EITC in 2009, compared with just 17 percent of taxpayers overall.

The Uterus Monologues: Limericks From Our Readers

| Fri Apr. 8, 2011 3:01 AM PDT

A week ago, the Florida GOP scolded Rep. Scott Randolph (D-Orlando) when he used the word "uterus" on the statehouse floor. We at Mother Jones couldn't figure out what was wrong with the word, and why it wasn't deemed worthy for public. So Jen Phillips penned a limerick in response, calling on readers to post their own reactions to the Florida GOP's buffoonery. Here are some of our favorites:



From Active Peacemaker:

A Florida Rep. shouted with rage,
"We can't use those words near a page.
I'm convinced by my work
We were brought by the Stork!"
Now please put that Rep. back in his cage. 


There once was a party so grand
It thought it would give God a hand
By helping her tutor us
on words hardly new to us
but soon She'll be having *them* banned

 To Womb it May Concern:

The word uterus is naughty, you see
Not for use in polite company
They've deprived half the nation
Of sex education
Now it burns whene'er they GO P.

While demagogues Stately and Clerical,
encourage their gals to get spherical
they won't lessen its stature
with crass nomenclature
to use Uterus makes them hysterical.

Amy Sharp

So they think that uterus is offensive...
it is time to get down down off the fences
to hold hands and skip
to the beat of something hip
and get the country back to its sense

Valerie Hope Starr

I'd quiver to think what they'd to us
dare we mention that naughty word uterus
we can pillage, rape, maim but not mention that name
of the place whence we came fore you knew of us

Jim Bazen

Some words are a source of dissension.
They require a thorough preemption.
Now the Reps are all riled
'bout the fetus who filed
A uterine homestead exemption.

Brenda Cummings

The Republicans don't like my uterus.
Revelations like these aren't new to us.
They don't care for humanity,
They've lost their sanity—
We ALL came from one—unum e pluribus?

Thepink Pantsuit

To reject a word such as uterus
I find nothing short of ludicrous
Does not the blessing of birth
Define a woman's self-worth
What more can the GOP to do us?

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