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Flashback: Perry Endorser Says Obama Might be a Muslim

| Tue Oct. 11, 2011 8:20 PM EDT
Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress said in April that Americans had good reason to suspect that President Obama is a Muslim.

Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress, as you might recall, endorsed Rick Perry on-stage at Friday' Values Voter Summit in DC with Perry's approval, and then proceded to call Mormonism a "cult" and argue that Mitt Romney's faith was a strike against him as a candidate. Mitt Romney has since called on the Texas Governor to repudiate Jeffress's comments, and the Perry campaign has responded by essentially shouting "Romneycare!" really loudly.

But Jeffress has taken shots at more than just the LDS Church. He also said that Islam causes pedophilia, and that the Catholic church and Jewish faith are both paths to eternal damnation. He's speculated as to whether President Obama is a Muslim. Here's an interview Jeffress did with Steve Doocy of Fox News, back in April, after President Obama (like President Bush before him) declined to produce a formal White House proclamation celebrating Easter. Why would Obama do something like that? Jeffress, starting at about the 53-second mark, says it mights be because he secretly still harbors Muslim sympathies:

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It's a Trap! Conservatives Come to Grips With #OccupyWallStreet

| Tue Oct. 11, 2011 11:07 AM EDT
The Occupy Wall Street protests have entered their second month.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is so unlike the tea party movement in so many ways it's almost worth dismissing the comparison entirely as a totally contrived media-generated narrative. Almost. But there is one key similiarity: Both groups have become, in the eyes of their opponents, a symbol for everything that's wrong with American politics. They are their brothers' punching bags. Which is why Occupiers and tea partiers sort of freak out when you make the comparison; it's like being told to look in the mirror and finding out that you've suddenly sprouted three heads.

The protesters weren't the number-one topic of discussion at the Values Voter Summit in DC—that would probably be President Barack Obama's continued assault on American values. But the nationwide demonstrations were a recurring theme on stage and among the rank-and-file attendees. Over the course of the weekend, a consensus began to form about who these protesters were and what shadowy groups might be behind them.

WATCH: Perry Endorser Calls Judaism, Catholicism Path to Hell

| Mon Oct. 10, 2011 2:35 PM EDT
Dallas pastor's call for Evangelical voters to apply a religious test on GOP presidential candidates has put Rick Perry's campaign in hot water.

Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress says that he is not going to be Rick Perry's Jeremiah Wright. That's probably true. But Jeffress, who introduced Perry at the Values Voter Summit on October 7, certainly isn't doing the Texas governor any favors with his argument that Mitt Romney belongs to a cult (Mormonism) and holds religious views that should be held against him at the polls this winter. Jeffress's appearance on-stage was approved by the Perry campaign, according to the event's organizer, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins.

It's only getting worse. Alex Burns flags comments Jeffress made at his church on Sunday that, "Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Mormonism are all false religions and I stand by those statements." But Jeffress left one major world religion out: Judaism. That wasn't always the case. Here's what he said in his Politically Incorrect lecture series in 2010:

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