World Press Photo winners announced

The World Press Photo winners were announced today! One of the most prestigious photojournalism awards, this year's top prize went to Anthony Suau, for his photograph of an armed police officer moving through a foreclosed house. He shot the photo in March 2008 for Time.

Anthony Suau for TimeAnthony Suau for Time

Jury chair MaryAnne Golon (former Picture Editor at Time) said about the winning image, "The strength of the picture is in its opposites. It's a double entendre. It looks like a classic conflict photograph, but it is simply the eviction of people from a house following foreclosure. Now war in its classic sense is coming into people's houses because they can't pay their mortgages.

Suau's work is a personal favorite, particularly his excellent book, Beyond the Fall (1999), which documented the end of Communism in former Eastern Bloc countries.

As is typical of World Press Photo winners in general, most of the work focuses on stories from around the world, stories that often don't make it into US magazines and newspapers.

Even as a photo editor who sees dozens of photo essays each week, it's always a treat to see the amazing work being produced around the world. And more, it's gratifying to see the quality work get the recognition it deserves. Now, if we could just get more of it shown here in the States.

A gallery of all winning images can be seen here, on the WPP website. That should hold you over until this year's book comes out.

Also on the photo awards front, this year's Duke First Book prize was just announced. Selected by Mary Ellen Mark, this year's winner is Jennette Williams for her platinum prints and color photographs of women at European and Turkish bath houses.

Noor Images photographer Jon Lowenstein (who shot the Chicago Southside photo essay in our Jan/Feb '09 issue) and Lucian Reed both won honorable mentions.