After spending years photographing wildlife, French photographer Eric Pillot turned his lens on creatures living in captivity. His project In Situ captures zoo animals held in an artificial world of concrete floors and painted backgrounds—and explores how natural beauty can sometimes transcend even the bleakest surroundings. Pillot has published two books of his stark animal photos.

These photos are among those included in the inaugural PHOTOFAIRS exhibition courtesy of Galerie Dumonteil, held in San Francisco between January 27 and January 29, 2017 at the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion.

Lion and cave

Black crowned crane and rocks

Bonobo and forest.

Crocodile with landscape

Kangaroo and canyon

Meerkat and scenery

Owl and dusky light

Reptile and cactus

Tern and blue background

Tiger and forest

Lemur and river


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