Daniel Patrick Boyd

Charge Date: Wed Nov. 24, 2010
Investigation Type(s):Informant, Sting
Charges:Conspiracy to murder, Conspiracy to murder, kidnap, or maim overseas, Firearms violations, Making false statements, Material support for terrorists
Outcome:Pleaded guilty
Convictions:Conspiracy to murder, kidnap, or maim overseas, Material support for terrorists
State:North Carolina
Alleged Affiliation: None

Boyd allegedly recruited Bajram Allsani, Mohammad Hassan, Jude Mohammad, Hysen Sherfifi, Anes Subasic, Ziyad Yaghi, and his sons Dylan and Zakariya to be part of a terrorism cell. Boyd trained with the mujahideen in Afghanistan and Pakistan from 1989 to 1992. Authorities said members of Boyd's group practiced military tactics, stockpiled weapons, and traveled to the Middle East. Boyd told an informant that he would bring jihad to the US if he was unsuccessful overseas.

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Image credit: Wake County City-County Bureau of Identification

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