Hamze el-Najjar

Charge Date: Tue Nov. 24, 2009
Investigation Type(s):Informant, Sting
Charges:Criminal conspiracy, Immigration violations, Making false statements, Material support for terrorists, Stolen goods/counterfeits
Outcome:Pleaded guilty
Convictions:Criminal conspiracy, Stolen goods/counterfeits
Alleged Affiliation:Hezbollah

El-Najjar, along with Moussa Hamdan, Dib Harb, Latif Hazime, Hassan Hodroj, Maodo Kane, Hasan Karaki, Moustafa Kassem, Michael Katz, and Alaa Mohamed, allegedly conspired to support Hezbollah with the proceeds from selling fake passports, counterfeit money, and stolen goods. An undercover informant sold them $154,000 worth of stolen goods. El-Najjar was sentenced to one year in prison.

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