For this searchable terror trial database, we analyzed the cases of 508 post-9/11 domestic terrorism defendants, building on a list compiled by the US Department of Justice and including additional cases that meet DOJ's criteria. You can run your own analysis of the data, or browse the full list below. See charts from this data or read the full investigation.

Last Namesort icon First Name(s) Charge Date Investigation Type(s) Charges Outcome Convictions State Alleged Affiliation
Wotulo Erick 09/19/2006 Informant, Sting Criminal conspiracy, Firearms violations, Material support for terrorists, RICO/racketeering Pleaded guilty Material support for terrorists, RICO/racketeering Maryland Tamil Tigers
Yaghi Ziyad 11/24/2010 Informant, Sting Conspiracy to murder, Conspiracy to murder, kidnap, or maim overseas, Firearms violations, Making false statements, Material support for terrorists Case pending North Carolina