Via Tyler Cowen, Murray Weiss and Aidan Gardiner tell the story of how police caught the Chelsea bomber so quickly. On Saturday night a couple of enterprising street socialists saw a fine looking suitcase on the sidewalk and decided it was something they could use. This suitcase, it turned out, contained the second bomb, which never went off:

The young men, who sources described as being well-dressed, opened the bag and took the bomb out, sources said, before placing the explosive into a garbage bag and walking away with the rolling suitcase. In doing so, investigators believe they inadvertently disabled the explosive, sources said. That allowed investigators to examine the cellphone attached to the bomb intact and discover that it was connected to the family of Rahami.

From there, they were able to identify pictures on social media of Rahami's family and of him, and they matched one of his photos to surveillance footage captured in Manhattan.

Another pair of thieves snatched a backpack near a New Jersey train station. When they opened it and found explosives, they dropped it and called the police. They may be thieves, but they aren't crazy.

Remember all that stuff about how Donald Trump's tax plan treats pass-through income? (Quick refresher here if you don't.) Apparently the Tax Foundation gave up on getting a straight answer about how this works, so they're now giving two estimates of the impact of Trump's plan. If we assume he's going to keep the low pass-through rate—the one that would benefit his own businesses—they figure his plan would create a whopping 215,000 new jobs per year over the next decade. And that's with lots of dynamic scoring pixie dust sprinkled around.

In other words, I think we can safely say that Trump's plan would create approximately zero jobs. However it would blow a huge hole in the deficit (about $6 trillion without pixie dust) and it would be a huge windfall for the rich, increasing their after-tax income by a whopping 16 percent. And make no mistake: unlike a lot of Donald Trump's fanciful ideas, a Republican Congress would be delighted to pass something like this. And they'd do it in a way that couldn't be stopped by a filibuster.

Once again, I get it. This is BORING. It's policy stuff. Ugh. We really don't want a bunch of dull numbers like this mucking up our beautiful front pages or our lovingly hand-crafted nightly news programs. That's why I kept this post short.

Zack Beauchamp has a long piece at Vox today that runs down the recent rise of far-right populists in Europe and the United States. Has this been driven by anger from blue-collar workers lashing out at their losses from globalization?

This anger plays some small part, but it doesn't tell most of the story. A vast universe of academic research suggests the real drivers are something very different: anger over immigration and a toxic mix of racial and religious intolerance. That conclusion is supported by an extraordinary amount of social science....This research finds that, contrary to what you’d expect, the "losers of globalization" aren’t the ones voting for these parties. What unites far-right politicians and their supporters, on both sides of the Atlantic, is a set of regressive attitudes toward difference. Racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia — and not economic anxiety — are their calling cards.

....Donald Trump is a manifestation of this backlash, as are Brexit and the surge of support for far-right European parties. They show the extent of white Christian anger — the privileged who are furious that their privileges are being stripped away by those they view as outside interlopers.

It is that fury over immigrants that offers the best explanation we have for why the forces of intolerance are currently on the rise in the West. If we want to understand the world we live in today — and the one we’ll be inhabiting for years to come — we need to understand how immigration and intolerance are transforming the way white Christians vote. We need to understand that the battle between racist nationalism and liberal cosmopolitanism will be one of the defining ideological struggles of the 21st century. And we need to understand that Donald Trump is not an accident. He’s a harbinger.

I don't know that I agree with every word of this essay, but I agree with a lot of it. It's worth blocking out 20 minutes to give it a read.

For a lot of liberals, the most important goal of this election is to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. And since Trump naturally sucks up most of the political oxygen, that means lots of blogging about Trump and not so much about Clinton.

But a lot of lefties aren't happy about that. They want a positive argument in favor of voting for Clinton, not just a negative one for voting against Trump. That's fair enough, so I figured I'd put one together.

But I should be crystal clear here: Nobody should take this as an attempt to demonstrate that Clinton is perfect or to persuade you to vote for her. If you think she's too instinctively hawkish—as I do—that might be reason enough for a liberal to vote for someone else. On some issues—supporting the Iraq War, supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, voting for the Patriot Act, etc.—she's taken positions that might be flat deal killers. On other issues, you might think she's not strong enough, or that it took her too long to get to the right place. Finally, on a personal level, she's often oversecretive, overly lawyerly, and sometimes skates a little close to some ethical lines. She distrusts the press and withholds information too often. And she is, plainly, an establishment politician, with all the flaws that implies.

On the other hand, no successful politician is ever perfect. Franklin D. Roosevelt signed on to lots of compromises that liberals detested. Ronald Reagan did the same with conservatives. Clinton will too. There are just too many competing interests in a pluralistic country like America to expect anything else. But all that said, the liberal case for Clinton remains pretty overwhelming. The following list is by no means exhaustive, but here it is:

  1. In 1995, despite strong pressure from diplomats and White House aides to remain low-key, she went to China and said, "Human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights."
  2. She worked her heart out for health care reform in 1993.
  3. She now supports Obamacare, and supports expanding it.
  4. She supports increasing the federal minimum wage to $12 per hour. This is good for workers, but less likely to have downsides than a national level of $15.
  5. She supported comprehensive immigration reform in 2007 and continues to support it.
  6. She was a prime mover behind the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997, and was a key figure in finding compromises that allowed it to pass after partisan bickering nearly sank it.
  7. Sen. Sherrod Brown: "As much as we want to move this country forward, you gotta cajole, persuade, work with, whatever it takes. And I think she does that better than about anybody I know."
  8. She supports LGBT rights.
  9. She worked with Attorney General Janet Reno to create the Justice Department's Office on Violence Against Women.
  10. She was one of the prime movers behind SCHIP, the State Children's Health Insurance Program, eventually signed into law by Bill Clinton.
  11. She has regularly supported expansions to SCHIP.
  12. She was instrumental in the founding of the Center for American Progress.
  13. She has been the target of countless baseless attacks but has always rebounded and kept on working anyway.
  14. President Barack Obama: "What sets Hillary apart is that through it all, she just keeps on going, and she doesn't stop caring, and she doesn't stop trying, and she never stops fighting for us—even if we haven't always appreciated it."
  15. She voted against both of George Bush's tax giveaways to the rich.
  16. She favors closing the carried-interest loophole.
  17. Jill Abramson, who covered Bill and Hillary Clinton critically for more than two decades, first in the Washington bureau of the Wall Street Journal and later at the New York Times, says this about Hillary Clinton: "Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest and trustworthy…There are no instances I know of where Clinton was doing the bidding of a donor or benefactor."
  18. She supports legislation to end racial profiling at all levels of government.
  19. She wants to clean up the toxic lead remaining in soil, water, and paint.
  20. As secretary of state, she was tireless in traveling the world to repair the damage to our reputation from the Bush years.
  21. German chancellor Angela Merkel: "I admire her strategic thinking…Whenever I was able to work with Hillary Clinton, it was a great pleasure."
  22. She wants to reduce mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenses.
  23. She voted for TARP.
  24. She was the principal author of the sanctions on Iran that brought them to the bargaining table.
  25. She then began the secret negotiations with Iran that eventually led to the treaty stopping their work on nuclear weapons.
  26. She supports Dodd-Frank.
  27. At the age of 29 she co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families advocacy group.
  28. She is annoyed by airline bag fees.
  29. She supports a higher tax rate on the very rich.
  30. She supports the Paris Climate Agreement and has endorsed a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 30 percent by 2025 and 80 percent by 2050.
  31. She wants to restore voting rights to felons who have served their sentences.
  32. She was one of the original co-sponsors of the Employee Free Choice Act, which would have implemented card check.
  33. She has literally spent her entire adult life advocating for children and women.
  34. Sen. Barbara Boxer: "She is authentic. Hillary is Hillary, and she's not going to become a cheerleader with pom-poms."
  35. She supports automatic voter registration at age 18.
  36. She has a lifetime score of 94 percent from the AFL-CIO and 98 percent from AFSCME.
  37. She pushed through State Department regulations that gave same-sex couples most of the same rights as straight couples.
  38. She supports universal pre-K.
  39. She has set a goal of producing one-third of the nation's electricity from renewable sources by 2027, three years before Obama's deadline.
  40. She wants to expand home visiting programs, one of the best known ways to improve child development.
  41. She wants to spend $275 billion (over five years) on rebuilding infrastructure.
  42. She was instrumental in securing help for New York's 9/11 first responders.
  43. In the Senate, she fought Republican attempts to privatize Social Security.
  44. She spent 11 hours testifying in front of the Benghazi committee and made Republicans look like idiots.
  45. She supports net neutrality.
  46. She would nominate liberal judges to the Supreme Court.
  47. She would also nominate liberal judges to the lower courts.
  48. She supports a plan that allows people over 55 to buy into Medicare.
  49. She co-sponsored the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008.
  50. She is pro-choice and supports the right of all women to have access to affordable contraception and safe and legal abortion.
  51. She wants to prevent pharmaceutical companies from jacking up the price of long-standing drugs.
  52. She supports the addition of a public option to Obamacare.
  53. She wants to overturn Citizens United.
  54. She has fought for decades for increased funding for HIV treatment and research.
  55. She wants to restore the portions of the Voting Rights Act that were recently struck down by the Supreme Court.
  56. She supports Obama's efforts to normalize relations with Cuba.
  57. She wants to beef up antitrust enforcement.
  58. She worked to ensure ratification of the New START treaty with Russia.
  59. She wants to impose a tax on high-frequency trading.
  60. She's a big supporter of the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan to regulate carbon emissions from power plants.
  61. In the Senate, she had a very good reputation as someone who could work across the aisle to get things done. Her word was always good.
  62. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse on his Republican colleagues in the Senate: "Two of them, her very prominent antagonists in this election, and one looked over at the other and said, 'Boy, she's good.' The other one leaned back and said, 'Yeah, she's really good.' And that's the Hillary that they know. Not the talking points Hillary or the caricature, but the real person."
  63. She wants to tighten regulation of the shadow banking system, one of the prime causes of the crash of 2008.
  64. She wants to strengthen the Volcker Rule.
  65. She supports DACA and DAPA, the "mini-DREAM" executive orders.
  66. She supports 12 weeks of paid leave for new mothers or to recover from a serious illness.
  67. As first lady, she fought for the Family Medical Leave Act. As a senator, she worked to expand FMLA to cover wounded soldiers and their families.
  68. She has long supported gender equality efforts around the world.
  69. She has legendary stamina and endurance.
  70. Sen. Al Franken: "She is the toughest, most experienced, hardest-working person I know."
  71. As secretary of state, she personally negotiated the 2012 ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.
  72. She has a 100 percent rating from both NARAL and Planned Parenthood.
  73. In the Senate, she co-sponsored the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
  74. She did not kill Vince Foster.
  75. She did not issue a "stand down" order after the Benghazi attack.
  76. She didn't flip-flop on the bankruptcy bill.
  77. She didn't steal the primary from Bernie Sanders.
  78. She did not mishandle classified information or conspire to evade FOIA requests when she set up her email account on a private server.
  79. She did not loot the White House when she and Bill left in 2001.
  80. She had nothing to do with Filegate.
  81. She didn't dole out any favors to Clinton Foundation donors when she was secretary of state.
  82. She did nothing wrong in the Whitewater affair.
  83. She referred to "super-predators" precisely once, 20 years ago in a context that referred solely to members of drug gangs.
  84. She probably overreacted to the financial misconduct in the White House travel office, but ultimately did nothing seriously wrong in the Travelgate affair.

Donald Trump lies practically every time he opens his mouth. That's hardly even notable anymore. What is still notable is the corrosive effect he has on nearly everyone who enters his orbit. His kids lie without compunction. His spokespeople lie without compunction. His campaign manager—until recently a fairly normal conservative—lies without compunction. His surrogates lie without compunction. Everyone who spends any time around him seems to inhale the lesson that in the modern media environment, there's simply no penalty for lying, no matter how obvious the lies are.

Today, Chris Christie casually peddled the obvious lie that Donald Trump gave up on birtherism after President Obama released his long-form birth certificate in 2011. This is easily fact checkable. There are tweets. There's video. Glenn Kessler rounds up the evidence:

This is why Americans hate politics. A sitting governor goes on national television and when he is called out for an obvious falsehood, he simply repeats the inaccurate talking points over and over.

This will possibly be our shortest fact check ever....Slate magazine counted nearly 40 Trump tweets since 2011 that raise questions about Obama’s birth. Even after Trump starting running for president last year, he continued to question the president’s background in television interviews.

....This is such bogus spin that we have to wonder how Christie manages to say it with a straight face. Regular readers know we shy away from using the word “lie,” but clearly Christie is either lying or he is so misinformed that he has no business appearing on television.

Before he hooked up with Trump, Christie was a relatively normal politician. He'd spin, he'd exaggerate, he'd evade, and he'd conceal. But now he doesn't bother. He just tells simpleminded lies with no evident concern for the fact that he'll get called out on them. Trump has taught him that being fact checked doesn't matter. Getting air time for the lie is all that matters.

According to the latest New York Times poll, Gary Johnson is supported by 26 percent of young voters.1 Of these Johnson supporters, how many are liberal former supporters of Bernie Sanders who would normally be expected to switch to Hillary Clinton? No one seems to have explicitly polled about this, but various pieces of evidence suggest that it's around half. If you make some reasonable assumptions and do a bit of arithmetic, this suggests that somewhere around a fifth of young liberal voters are casting their lot with Johnson.

In one sense, this is easy to understand. Johnson favors legalization of marijuana. He's good on civil liberties and wants to cut way back on overseas military interventions. He's moderate on immigration. He's pro-choice and supports gay rights. There are plenty of things for Bernie supporters to like about him.

On the other hand, Johnson is a libertarian. Here's a smattering of what else he believes:

  • He supports TPP.
  • He supports fracking.
  • He opposes any federal policies that would make college more affordable or reduce student debt. In fact, he wants to abolish student loans entirely.
  • He thinks Citizens United is great.
  • He doesn't want to raise the minimum wage. At all.
  • He favors a balanced-budget amendment and has previously suggested that he would slash federal spending 43 percent in order to balance the budget. This would require massive cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and social welfare programs of all kinds.
  • He opposes net neutrality.
  • He wants to increase the Social Security retirement age to 75 and he's open to privatization.
  • He opposes any kind of national health care and wants to repeal Obamacare.
  • He opposes practically all forms of gun control.
  • He opposes any kind of paid maternity or medical leave.
  • He supported the Keystone XL pipeline.
  • He opposes any government action to address climate change.
  • He wants to cut the corporate tax rate to zero.
  • He appears to believe that we should reduce financial regulation. All we need to do is allow big banks to fail and everything will be OK.
  • He wants to remove the Fed's mandate to maximize employment and has spoken favorably of returning to the gold standard.
  • He wants to block-grant Medicare and turn it over to the states.
  • He wants to repeal the 16th Amendment and eliminate the income tax, the payroll tax, and the estate tax. He would replace it with a 28 percent FairTax that exempts the poor. This is equivalent to a 39 percent sales tax, and it would almost certainly represent a large tax cut for the rich.

Some of her weirder beliefs aside, it's easy to see why former Bernie supporters might turn to Jill Stein. But Gary Johnson? He makes Hillary Clinton look like the second coming of FDR. Unless you're basically a single-issue voter on civil liberties and military force, it's hard to see why any lefty of any stripe would even think of supporting Johnson. What's the deal here?

1Oddly enough, the story that originally reported this has been silently purged of this statistic, but let's go with it anyway.

The New York Times started us off, and today Josh Marshall points us to yet another news outlet telling it like it is:

Meanwhile, Trump himself seems delighted by the coverage of his birther event yesterday:

This is fairly remarkable since Trump is promoting a story that's all about the fact that he lied about Obama, lied about Hillary Clinton, and hoodwinked the press into giving his hotel and his campaign free publicity. I have two theories about this. First, Trump assumes his fans never click the link. Second, his fans love the idea of Trump pulling one over on the press. I suppose it's a combination of both.

Meanwhile, here's a taste of other straight news reporters finally calling Trump's lies lies:

Michael Barbaro, New York Times: "Around 11 a.m. Friday in Washington, he gave up the lie....This lie was different from the start, an insidious, calculated calumny that sought to undo the embrace of an African-American president by the 69 million voters who elected him in 2008."

Julie Pace, AP: "Trump’s latest attempt to persuade voters that he’s the lesser of two evils came Friday, when he abruptly reversed course on his lie that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States."

Philip Rucker and Dan Balz, Washington Post: "After five years of peddling lies and innuendo about the circumstances of President Obama’s birth, Trump on Friday bowed to the facts and acknowledged for the first time that Obama was born in the United States, though he refused to apologize for his efforts to delegitimize the nation’s first black president."

"Tribune News Services," Chicago Tribune: "After five years as the chief promoter of a lie about Barack Obama's birthplace, Donald Trump abruptly reversed course Friday and acknowledged the fact that the president was born in America. He then immediately peddled another false conspiracy."

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos and Ruby Cramer, BuzzFeed: "Donald Trump on Friday admitted that President Obama was born in the United States — and lied twice while doing so — after pushing the conspiracy theory he was not since 2011."

That seems to be about it. The LA Times is sticking with "falsehood" for now, and the Wall Street Journal with "false accusations." USA Today went with "no factual basis." CNN barely even mentioned that birtherism was untrue in its print piece, and said only that Trump "continues to falsely blame" Hillary Clinton for starting the rumors. The BBC called it a "conspiracy theory."

I come bearing good news. But first, we have to get a little technical. I promise it won't hurt a bit.

Many corporations are "pass-through" entities. Mostly these are partnerships and small businesses, and they aren't taxed on their profits. Instead, the profits are passed through to the business owners, who pay ordinary personal income tax on it. Donald Trump, for example, owns hundreds of separate businesses under the umbrella of the Trump Organization, and most of them are pass-throughs. All the profits go to Trump.

So how should these businesses be handled? In the tax proposal Trump unveiled last year, pass-throughs would be taxed at a low 15 percent rate. This is a huge tax cut for rich business owners—like Donald Trump—since their personal tax rate can be as high as 33 percent. A corporate rate of 15 percent combined with a zero percent personal rate represents a huge tax cut.

But that was then. Earlier this week Trump unveiled a shiny new tax plan. How does it handle pass-throughs? As usual, details are hard to come by in Trumpland, but he told the Tax Foundation that he had decided to eliminate the tax cut. They took him at his word and concluded that his new tax plan would cost $4.4 trillion.

But Trump told the National Federation of Independent Business that he was keeping the tax cut. They also took him at his word and gave him their support. So which is it? Binyamin Appelbaum investigates:

Call it the trillion-dollar lie: Both assertions cannot be true.

....Steven Mnuchin, Mr. Trump’s finance chairman, said Friday that the campaign’s tax plan had not changed at any point on Thursday....“The intent of the plan is that big and small businesses have tax relief,” he said. He declined to comment on the conflicting accounts provided by the two groups.

So what's the good news in all this? Here it is: Appelbaum called it a lie. That may be a bit rude, but it's the most accurate way of characterizing what happened. Trump has been working on this plan for months and clearly has some idea of exactly how he plans to handle pass-through businesses. But he told business owners one thing and a tax scoring group another. What else would you call this?

File this one under "too good to check." Max Ehrenfreund passes along the latest analysis of Paul Ryan's tax proposal from the Tax Policy Center and notes that by 2025 it gets a wee bit lopsided:

This is like a parody of Republican tax proposals. In its first year, the top 1 percent start off getting a mere 76 percent of the benefit. But as Table 5 shows, within ten years they get nearly 100 percent of the benefit. Ryan and the congressional Republicans manage this by giving the poor and middle class nothing and actually taking money away from the upper middle class. The only people who benefit are the rich and the really rich.

As for the really, really rich, the top 0.1 percent get an average tax break of $1.4 million, while the rest of us get about $3 trillion in extra federal debt and no long-term change in economic growth. What a deal.

POSTSCRIPT: I should note that for some reason TPC's numbers don't add up to 100 percent. This might mean there's an error in the table. But even if there is, it's a small one.

Here's an odd thing:

Around Monday or Tuesday of this week, Hillary Clinton's favorables went up about four points and Donald Trump's went down four points. In Clinton's case, maybe her pneumonia generated some sympathy? In Trump's case, it's hard to figure out what might have happened. David Fahrenthold's big story about Trump's charity scams came out around then. The whole "deplorables" thing was getting some attention. And...that's about it. Nothing really comes to mind that might account for a sudden downward spike.

So what's going on? It could be that this is nothing but reversion to the mean after a couple of weeks of Emailgate and Foundationgate taking a toll. That would actually make some sense, since attitudes toward Clinton and Trump have been remarkably stable for the entire past year. In any case, maybe this will help panicky Dems to panic a little less.