September/October 2016 Issue

Mother Jones Magazine Cover : September + October 2016


No Country for White Men

How Donald Trump took a working-class narrative of unfairness and twisted it to his advantage.

PLUS: Hillary Clinton’s plan to win back the Rust Belt


Here I Stand

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse is taking on Trump and calling for a new kind of politics. But are Republicans ready for a reformation?

Minor Threats

Why thousands of girls have been jailed for talking back, staying out late, or skipping school.

Black Teachers Matter

A generation of African American educators was determined to make schools work for all children. Who drove them away?


Outgunned and Outmanned

How the NRA disarmed America’s top gun cops.

Guns n’ Poses

Timeline: From bootleggers to jackboots.

Targeting the Trolls

Troll call on Capitol Hill.

Land of the Fee

This gadget helps detained immigrants walk free—for a price.

Putting Lynching on the Map

Fighting America’s racial amnesia.


Reading Rainbow

Why are kids’ books so damn white?

O Brave New Penitentiary

Margaret Atwood makes over Shakespeare.


The Case for Lo Pro

The protein myth.

Farmer in the Dell

Why Big Ag digs farm data.