May/June Issue 2017

Mother Jones Magazine Cover : May + June 2017


Better Call Don

Meet the man with the hardest job in DC: keeping Trump on the right side of the law.


"This Is a War and We Intend to Win"

Inside the underground anti-racist movement that brings the fight to white supremacists
PLUS: A brief history of Nazi punching

The Harsh, Petty, and Highly Political Law of Jeff Sessions

The attorney general imports his brand of Alabama justice to Washington.

The Lioness in Winter

Dianne Feinstein has been the ultimate establishment Democrat. Will Trump bring out her roar?

Hedge City Blues

What happens when global elites invade your town?
PLUS: Ultrawealthy Americans ditch their citizenship to avoid taxes.

"Some Form of Punishment"

When ending a pregnancy means jail time


Readers of the Year


If the Suit Fits

Making the case for transgender rights

Minnesota Nice

From refugee to lawmaker

Red Dawn

Socialism lives! (In America!)

Battle of All Mothers

Working moms under fire


Oil and Water

Murder, oil, and stolen lands

Writers Bloc

Your resistance reading list

Bee Not Afraid

Samantha Bee loves the USA.

Too Much Information

Dave Eggers’ online dystopia goes on screen.


The Gust Belt

How red-state America plugged in to wind power

Slim Pickings

Will Trump’s wall trigger a farm crisis?