The MoJo Mix

What we’re listening to: Our favorite mp3’s.




Norah Jones

Booker T. organ lines and hushed, Joplinesque vocals


Shades of Nevermind and Sgt. Pepper


Nothin’ but lo-fi beat-box tenderness

DJ Danger Mouse

A mix of Jay-Z’s Black Album and “Mother Nature’s Son” from the Beatles’ White Album

Erin McKeown

Björky vocals, beguiling syntax: “Tonight, woke I in a strange bed.”

The Shins

“In a movie so crass and awkwardly cast, even I could be the star.”

Olu Dara

A bluesy take on a Bahamian sailor spiritual (by the father of rapper Nas)

Mason Jennings

A perfectly contagious, conflicted ode to love

Michael Franti

Sultry funk from the planet’s grooviest conspiracy theorist

Will Kimbrough

A full-grown Southern lullaby: “Good night, ol’ broke-down cars…”

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