Party Ben’s Music Picks: March Madness Edition

Whether you buy CDs or download, these are some upcoming releases you ought to check out.

Hey, my last roundup of albums-to-watch-out-for turned out pretty well, didn’t it? Everybody’s got Arcade Fire Fever! Although now that I’ve heard the Ken Andrews CD in its entirety I may have to rescind that recommendation (sorry Ken–too syrupy). But let’s not look back in anger. Let’s look forward… in anticipation, at some more CDs coming out soon-ish, along with a brief description, similar artists, and pertinent links. Let that raga drop:

Tuesday, March 6:


mojo-cover-rj.jpgRJD2The Third Hand (Definitive Jux)
• Ohio hip-hop producer morphs into multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter
• For fans of: Moby, Brian Wilson, chilling on rooftops
• Again, stream three tracks at his MySpace page

Tuesday, March 20:

mojo-cover-dilla.gifJ DillaRuff Draft (Stones Throw)
• Re-release of hard-to-find first solo effort from late hip-hop innovator
• For fans of: DJ Shadow, Marvin Gaye, having your life changed
• Everybody’s got a MySpace page!

Tuesday, March 27:

mojo-photo-timba.jpgTimbalandShock Value (Interscope)
• Studio genius takes center stage with high-profile guests
• For fans of: Missy Elliott, Nelly Furtado, bringing sexy back
• Stream the first single, “Give It To Me,” here

Tuesday 4/10/07:

mojo-photo-blonde.jpgBlonde Redhead23 (4AD)
• NY art-rock trio gets shoegazey (again)
• For fans of: My Bloody Valentine, Serge Gainsbourg, the pot
• Grab an mp3 of the first single, “23,” here

Tuesday 4/24/07:

mojo-photo-arctic.jpgArctic MonkeysFavourite Worst Nightmare (Domino)
• Hyped (and hyper) Brit foursome gets serious on sophomore album
• For fans of: Franz Ferdinand, The Jam, dancing to electropop like a robot from 1984

Here’s a blog where somebody posted an mp3 (recorded from the radio) of a new song, “Brianstorm” (sic)