Your tax dollars at work—a judge in Philadelphia sent the word that crime, especially violent crime, against working girls is OK.

After a 20 year old prostitute and single mom met a man for sex at an agreed upon price; he was joined by three of his friends who proceeded to gang rape her, unprotected, at gunpoint. Thankfully, the fourth friend thought her tears might signal a tad bit of unwillingness and helped her escape. Imagine the bravery of that young girl filing charges. Too bad it was for nothing. According to reporter Jill Porter, the judge "dropped all sex and assault charges. . .[and] instead held the defendant on the bizarre charge of armed robbery for—get this—"theft of services."

At that point, I reread the introductory paragraphs sure to find what I'd glossed over before—the judge had to be a woman. One of the first things you learn in Law School Crim is how much you, as a prosecutor, don't want women on your rape jury. "It could never happen to me, they seem to think: only stupid or immoral women get raped. Only those who asked for it, drinking, dressing slutty, sleeping around. Being all flirtatious and prettier than me." There's some deep, dark psychology there and this judge was filthy with it.

"Did she tell you she had another client before she went to report it?" Deni asked me yesterday when we met at a coffee shop. "I thought rape was a terrible trauma."
A case like this, she said—to my astonishment—"minimizes true rape cases and demeans women who are really raped."

Silly Pennsylvania legislature, defining "sex by force as rape."

Porter goes on to note that, "The defendant was charged in an identical incident involving a 23-year-old woman four days later." Refusing to let another victim face such robed contempt and stupidity, prosecutors refused to present the second case and Deni dismissed it for failure to prosecute, with Church Lady gusto, no doubt.

Since he's only 19, and I watch Law and Order SVU, I'm betting that Judge Deni will be seeing lots more of this defendant as his rage against women escalates.

Must be read to be believed.

They got Iraq right. Now another bold prediction:

Poll: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

Stay tuned to MoJo Blog and for lots of non-bullshit news and analysis about subjects (Blackwater, Iraq, race, health care, actual policy controversies) that aren't nearly as important as John Edward's haircut or Hillary Clinton's gender.

The United States Congress has again received a whopping 11% approval rating from participants in the most recent Zogby poll--the same score as last month. At the same time, George W. Bush received a 24% approval rating. Zogby participants expressed concern about American economic and foreign policy, and only 26% said that the country is headed in the right direction. At the same time, 45% described their personal financial situations as good.

Among Democratic candidates for president, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's Zogby approval rating jumped 11 points, from 35% to 46%, while Sen. Barack Obama's numbers moved from 21% to 25%. Among Republicans, Rudy Giulliani took a 28% lead, while Sen. John McCain's numbers fell from 13% to 8%. 51% of participants said that former vice president Al Gore should not enter the presidential race.


Regent Law, the Christian law school founded by Pat Robertson, is moving forward with disciplinary action against student Adam Key (left, showing off his "Due Process" tattoo). Key ran afoul of school authorities after posting on his Facebook page a video of Robertson scratching his forehead with his middle finger. Regent has banned Key from campus and is forcing him to undergo a psychiatric exam by a doctor of the school's choosing.

The whole episode reflects the Religious Right's utter lack of a sense of humor. Key talked to Above the Law blogger David Lat yesterday about his recent suspension and his background (which includes a stint as a pro wrestler). Here's what Key had to say about Robertson and his pending psych exam:

"I will undergo this psychiatric exam after Regent forces Pat Robertson to undergo one. Truly, what's crazier... disagreeing with the administration, or hearing voices that tell you about hurricanes that don't happen, and the impending apocalypse?"

Clearly they're never going to let this kid loose on campus again...

It's true. I didn't even need a joke in the headline, it sounds so absurd. But according to genealogical research Lynne Cheney did while writing her book, Barack Obama is the descendant of someone named Mareen Duvall, a French Huguenot. Duvall's son married the granddaughter of a Richard Cheney, a man who, seven to nine generations later, would see his family line produce the worst vice president in the history of the United States. Obama and Cheney are eighth cousins.

Say the cliche with me. Only in America.


And I quote: "Still ahead here in the Situation Room: a chemical in lots of household products that could harm all of us. It could harm your reproductive system as well. One state is so worried it's issuing a sweeping new ban... Stay with us, you're in the Situation Room."

They played the story a full 28 minutes later.

A little more info from CNN's correspondent on the "deadly chemical":



Apparently it's in rubber duckies. Unfortunately, by the time they played this Very Important Story (28 minutes after the teaser), thousands of Americans had died from a chemical in nail polish and rubber duckies. Tragic. Damn You, Wolf Blitzer! BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS.

Breaking News: Next on CNN—Could a major cable news company be responsible for the deaths of thousands of rubber-ducky-loving-toddlers? Find out right after these messages from our pharmaceutical-company sponsors! But don't go away—You could die!

This issue's "Practical Values" column has more on Phthalates.

There's also this:

Two hours in to the confirmation hearing for attorney general nominee Michael Mukasey and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have pestered the former judge about everything from his view of the COPS program (Feinstein) to his stance on obscenity prosecutions (Orrin Hatch, of course). So far, Mukasey hasn't shown many signs of life. He looked as though he was barely tolerating Iowa senator Charles Grassley, who has shown a remarkable amount of concern about the False Claims Act.

It's hard to see how the committee will take a chunk out of this guy. The president couldn't have found a blander (and more humorless) nominee. If boring=competence, Mukasey shouldn't have any trouble getting confirmed.

USA Today reports that neglect on behalf of the Transportation Security Administration has left airplanes that are serviced in foreign repair shops vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Almost four years ago, the TSA was mandated by Congress to write security regulations for these repair stations, but failed to do so. There is concern that, because many of these overseas hubs are not within the boundaries of secure airports, there is lack of oversight.

This is not the first controversy surrounding these stations. Mother Jones reported in our July/August 2006 issue, that, in 2005, due to a cash-strapped airline industry, airline maintenance was outsourced overseas and because simultaneously, the FAA faced a massive budget cut and began outsourcing its inspection—shaving its oversight crew by more than 250—airline travel took a safety hit. It was an accident (or quite a few) waiting to happen. Read the full article here.


Last night, Larry Craig and his wife sat down with Matt Lauer to discuss the senator's sex scandal. At one point, Lauer asked Craig if he knew the Minneapolis airport bathroom he was caught in is a hot spot for gay sex, a fact Craig would presumably find on the internet.

Craig responded, "Matt, you won't believe this. But I don't use the Internet. I don't have a computer at my desk. I've never used the Internet. It's just not what I do."

Huh. Is Craig really at Ted Stevens' level of online illiteracy? Thanks to the folks at the Washington Examiner, we know he's not.

According to them:

Craig is a member of the Congressional Internet Caucus.
  • He co-sponsored a bill designating June 2007 as National Internet Safety Month.
  • He was presented with the 2007 Internet Keep Safe Coalition Award.
  • On his Web site, he lists as a top accomplishment a Silver Mouse Award given to his site in 2003 and 2006 by the Congressional Management Foundation in 2003 and 2006.
  • When he endorsed Mitt Romney for president, he did so on YouTube.
  • susan_orr.jpg

    The deputy assistant secretary for population affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services has an important job. He or she oversees "HHS's $283 million reproductive-health program, a $30 million program that encourages abstinence among teenagers, and HHS's Office of Population Affairs, which funds birth control, pregnancy tests, counseling, and screenings for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV." So who better to run it than someone who once called contraceptives part of the "culture of death"?

    That delicious little nugget belongs to Susan Orr, former "senior director for marriage and family care" at the Family Research Council (full bio here) and Bush appointee for the deputy assistant secretary spot (on an acting basis of course, which is a sham).

    In another instance, Orr supported a Bush Administration proposal to stop requiring all health insurance plans for federal employees to cover a broad range of birth control. "We're quite pleased," said Orr, who would be perfect for this job in a bizarro universe, "because fertility is not a disease."

    And soon, having a kid will not be a choice. You'll have one, dammit! One sexual act equals one kid. That's the moral math in George W. Bush's America.