Video: The RNC Tries This Thing Called "Humor"

| Thu Apr. 30, 2009 3:08 PM EDT

The comedic geniuses over at the Republican National Committee apparently decided to showcase Obama's 100 days by producing this big bucket of web ad fail, cleverly disguised as a parody video. No wonder you don't see many Republicans doing stand-up.

Via Wonkette:

Watch what appears to be a Southern white man doing his "blacky voice" over video of Obama’s inauguration speech...The introductory text reads, "100 days ago, a man read a grand speech from a TelePrompter. What if the Teleprompter had accidentally switched to reality-mode?" Then: "A parody from the RNC." OH JESUS, RUN.

Is it that bad? Watch below and decide for yourself:

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Keep an eye out for the "edited version" today or tomorrow. Unless by "edited" they mean "scrubbed from the planet."