Karl Rove's Shadow GOP

| Wed Sep. 22, 2010 2:54 PM EDT

The Democratic Party has been outraising the Republicans when it comes to donations to the national parties. Last month, for instance, the Democratic National Committee raised $10.9 million as compared to the Republican National Committee's $7.9 million haul. But when it comes to election spending by outside groups, conservatives are blowing their liberal counterparts out of the water. Politico reports:

As of Monday, pro-Republican third-party organizations had paid for a total of $23.6 million worth of ads, while Democratic-aligned groups had spent just $4.8 million on TV.

For the next month — the crucial period during which many voters begin to consider their choices and make up their minds — the disparity is even more daunting for Democrats: Between now and Oct. 20, groups backing Republicans have $9.4 million worth of TV ads reserved across 40 districts, while outfits supporting Democrats have put down only $1.3 million in five districts.

While pro-Democratic labor unions have amped up their spending as well, conservative groups have eclipsed their efforts. In the last three weeks, seven pro-GOP groups spent more than $1 million each, including pro-business organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and Americans for Job Security, while not a single liberal group has matched such spending during the same time period.

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