The Lost Comics of the 1960s

Selections from a weird, subversive, and previously unpublished collection by the era's icons.

Read the backstory: Our interview with the collection's curator.

These 19 images are but a small sampling of the comic treasure to be found in The Someday Funnies: A Comic History of the 1960s, out in November from Abrams ComicArts. The lavish book chronicles the long, strange trip of the collection of brilliant and subversive comics originally created for publication in Rolling Stone in the early 1970s. Michel Choquette, the book's editor, describes it as a time capsule, and it's hard to decide what's more fascinating: the psychological and political preoccupations of the decade it depicts, or the stellar careers of the writers and artists whom Choquette was able to bring aboard. The contributors to this project have since distinguished themselves not only as comic artists, but as writers, editors, publishers, commercial illustrators, and film directors.