Let’s Talk Clinton: Anne Taylor Fleming

. . . back to Krasny . . .

Clinton needs to make us feel the moral weight he feels and save his voice for the big issues. He talks too much and too little. He can’t seem to ignite the public.

No one would have a coherent post-Cold War policy. It’s a luxury to want that. Bosnia, Haiti, Somalia: No one–center, right, or left–has it all figured out.

I wanted so for him to succeed. It’s heartbreaking. It’s a confluence of flaws. His. The system’s. Congress’. [Those of] the media and private interests. At times, all the horsetrading makes me think that he’s worse than all the rest. Other times I think he’s better.

It’s almost as if he doesn’t know he’s there. He doesn’t know he’s a leader. He’s won. He’s got the big prize.

It may be too late.

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