Let’s Talk Clinton: Jerry Brown

Clinton was elected in a manner that made inevitable his failure. He ran a deceptive and hypocritical campaign, attacking Tsongas as a tool of Wall Street while he was collecting large amounts from the same people to pay for those ads. He’s been abandoned and can’t call upon people who want change because his pact with the devil has destroyed him.

He sold out his constituents by abandoning single-payer health care. He’s nowhere in campaign reform, having caved in to the same corrupt interests. His China policy is a complete betrayal.

It’s not easy to take a populist position, but if you don’t, you might as well be a Republican. The right wing has much greater force than the left. It won’t tolerate a centrist Democrat, and can call Clinton a leftist or socialist even though he’s gone as far toward business interests as any Democrat since Grover Cleveland.

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