Let’s Talk Clinton: Nancy J. Chodorow

“Foster real family connections instead of child case-workers.”

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The bottom line in politics is 90 percent economics. People need an income.

A European economic model assumes individuals by themselves can’t survive. A postal service? This is what a government does. By not having a public discourse for what government can do for the well-being of citizens, people don’t feel as if their money is going where they want it to go.

The president’s discourse on health care is the right one. Everyone should have good health care, and it’s better for the country economically. Why not extend that? School and health and housing and a welfare bill that takes into account that children do better with parenting. Subsidies that allow mothers to be at home. Foster real family connections with parent caretaking instead of child caseworkers and–at least for a couple of years–I think parents of children should work six-hour days.