Glimpses of the Decline

The GOP’s self-importance and self-serving attitude caught on film. Click on the thumbnails for larger photo images

Ayatollah of the Airwaves:
Ollie North, who earned notoriety selling missiles to Iran, cashing in on his celebrity by launching rhetorical salvos from the bunker of his radio show.

Hope, Growth, And Opportunism:
Supply-siders like Steve Forbes peddle the hallucinogen of tax cuts, swearing it will strengthen the economy and help balance the budget . . .

But blue collar workers have been on this bad trip before. Ronald Reagan promised them upward mobility and instead saddled their kids with debt to finance tax breaks for the rich.

A Call to Arms:
The fighting words of conservative pundits may amuse GOP strategists, but its’s no joke to impressionable militants such as this year’s Buchanan youth.