Zen and the Art of Lifestyle Maintenance

By now you’ve no doubt heard that Buddhism is a pretty cool religion—it’s flexible and nondogmatic, and lots of celebrities say they practice it. Still, it’s not exactly easy getting a handle on all that dharma stuff, or keeping up with who’s trading one-liners with the Dalai Lama. So if you’re a busy professional seeking to integrate Buddhism into your meaningless existence, look no further than Tricycle or Shambhala Sun. Combining the latest Buddhist teachings with all the ancient wisdom of the lifestyle magazine genre, these two groundbreaking publications make spiritual devotion just as sexy, fun, and stylish as any secular hobby.


  Tricycle Shambhala Sun Saveur Cigar Aficionado Martha Stewart Living
Upscale cover price $7.50 $4.95 $5 $4.95 $5.50
Catchy cover headline “Reincarnation: Could It Happen to You?” “Rocking for a Free Tibet” “The Meaning of French Fries” “103 Double Coronas” “Personalizing a Sofa”
Celebrity coverage Friends and Buddhists chat and take pictures as Allen Ginsberg dies Monks chant on cue while filming Brad Pitt’s new Buddhist movie An inside look at the Betty Crocker kitchens Jean-Luc Godard muses forlornly while smoking a $20 cigar Robert DeNiro appears in an article about sushi
Fun getaway feature Stupas along the Rio Grande Surfing in Nova Scotia “As it turns out, turtle is one of only a few things we don’t eat on our gastronomic tour of Cambodia” Smoking and golfing in Biarritz “Social beasts” skinny-dip in Saint Barthélemy, then get married
Brand extension Books, seminars None In the works Cigar Aficionado Clean Air System, Big Smoke Las Vegas Weekend, artwork, books TV show, books, cake-decorating kit, bed and bath accessories, paint, ad infinitum
T-shirt available? Yes No No Yes Yes
Dr. Andrew Weil ad? Yes Yes No No No
Cross-pollination factor Sallie Tisdale, who also writes for Saveur, is a consulting editor Burning incense is a good way to cover up the smell of cigar smoke Sallie Tisdale contemplates Betty Crocker kitchens from a Buddhist perspective Meditative cigar smoking Rampant Martha Stewart materialism invariably leads to desire for Buddhist nonattachment