Farmers forced to chant, dance, and flee

In the latest spate of government-tolerated invasions of white-owned farms in Zimbabwe, angry militants have apparently added a touch of ceremony to their takeovers. According to the SUNDAY-TIMES UK, an armed mob of so-called war veterans recently descended on Adrian Herud’s 3,000-acre farm and beat him unconscious. When he woke, they forced him to pen an apology to President Mugabe, then “frog-marched” him into his house to endorse the note with the official farm stamp.

“Then they made us go outside and chant Zanu-PF songs,” said Herud. “To my horror, they burst into the house again and dragged out my wife Marian and my manager’s wife. They were made to sing and dance with us.” Herud had called the police, but he said that when they finally arrived they shook hands with the war veterans and arrested no one.

The Heruds temporarily abandoned their farm and fled to South Africa. Other owners have been forced to sign documents surrendering their properties.