A Not-So-Quiet War

Avoiding a frontal legal assault, anti-abortion groups are instead trying to chip away at reproductive rights — often with the open support of Washington.

The Fetal Position
Ziba Kashef
January/February 2003
Federal and state dollars are subsidizing a boom in antiabortion ‘crisis pregnancy centers.’

The Quiet War on Abortion
By Barry Yeoman
September/October 2001
After decades of noisy protests and violence, anti-abortion activists are relying on a new ‘stealth strategy’ to shut down clinics.

Planned Parenthood’s Iowa Predicament
By George Sanchez
August 7, 2002
Planned Parenthood officials in Iowa find themselves facing a wrenching decision between protecting the privacy of hundreds of women and helping authorities investigating an infant’s grisly death.

Antiabortion Ambush
By Sarah Schmidt
May/June 2002
Is putting photos of abortion-clinic patients on the Web an invasion of privacy? Or protected free speech?

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