Do Unto Others

When it comes to religion, polls suggest the Golden Rule is for suckers.

of self-identified atheists and agnostics claim their “faith” was the most important factor in determining their vote in the 2004 election.

of Catholics believe “religious groups should stand up for their beliefs in politics.”

also believe “religious groups of all kinds sould stay out of politics.”

of devout evangelicals say the government should fight hunger and poverty, even if it means higher taxes on the wealthy.

This percentage ranks last among 18 American religious groups polled.

of devout evangelicals support the pro-life position on abortion, the highest percentage of 18 groups polled.

of devout evangelicals support the pro-life position on capital punishment, the lowest percentage of the 18 groups.

of Americans feel “homosexuals should have the same rights as other Americans.”

of Americans feel homosexuals should have the right to marry

of Americans believe that all Muslim Americans should be required to register there whereabouts with the federal government.

of the highly religious believe this.

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