Addicted to Oil: Ten Questions for President Bush

Will the administration’s actions match its rhetoric on America’s energy policy?

Article created by the Center for American Progress.

“Here we have a serious problem: America is addicted to oil.”
— President George W. Bush, State of the Union, January 31, 2006

1. INVESTING IN RESEARCH:  Does the President commit enough new investment into R&D to shift our nation to biofuels?

2. GETTING BIOFUELS TO THE PUMP: Does the President’s plan build the infrastructure needed for the biofuels transition?

3. DEPLOYING A NEW GENERATION OF CARS: Will the President’s plan really put new cars that use less gas on the road?

4. AVERTING GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE: Is  the President facing the reality of global warming?

5. USING CLEAN AND SMART ALTERNATIVES: Does the President commit to renewables and efficiency before more costly and polluting technology?

6. LOOKING OUT FOR FAMILY FARMS: Does the President’s proposal create jobs and strengthen rural communities?

7. PROMOTING TRANSPORTATION CHOICE:  Does the President’s budget support real transportation alternatives like rail and transit?

8. TRANSFORMING MARKETS: Does the President’s budget use federal purchasing power to jump-start new markets?

9. GUARANTEEING REAL OIL SAVINGS:  Is the President willing to require this transition by enforcing new rules?

10. EMPOWERING CONSUMERS:  Does the President’s plan create more consumer choice and promote public education and innovation?

You can read the Center for American Progress’s report, America is Addicted to Oil, here (PDF).

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