The Iraq Effect: The War in Iraq and Its Impact on the War on Terrorism - Pg. 7

The Data:
The Iraq War and Jihadist Terrorism

Period 1:
September 12, 2001, to March 20, 2003 (invasion of Iraq): 18.25 months

Period 2:
March 21, 2003, to September 30, 2006: 41.33 months

Increase in Suicide Bombing Attacks

  • The Iraq front is where suicide bombing is employed most frequently.
  • There have been 148 suicide bombing attacks in Iraq (43 percent of total Iraq attacks) post-March 2003.
  • For the rest of the world there have been 47 suicide bombing attacks since the Iraq War began (13.5% of total attacks) whilst there were 6 in the period before. This corresponds to a 246% rise in the rate of suicide bombing attacks by jihadist groups. And the rate of those killed by suicide attacks rose by 24%.
  • If Afghanistan is also excluded, there is a 150% rise in the rate of suicide attacks and a 14% increase in those killed in such attack

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