Can You Fear Me Now?

Five products for the cell phone phobic

Can You Fear Me Now?WaveShield 1000
The Claim: Applying a sticker to your cell phone’s earpiece “may reduce the strength of electromagnetic-field emissions” between 50 to 97 percent.
disconnect: The Federal Trade Commission busted WaveShield’s distributor for not showing any scientific proof; most cell phone radiation comes from the antenna, not the earpiece.

Can You Fear Me Now?Clarins Expertise 3P Screen Mist
The Claim: Spritz your “face, neck and décolleté” with the mist to create a “highly protective veil” that blocks electromagnetic waves.
disconnect: The British Advertising Standards Authority politely calls Clarins’ product research “not robust enough.”

Can You Fear Me Now?QLink Pendant
The Claim: A microchip inside the necklace “picks up sufficient micro currents from your heart to power the pendant…reminding the body of its healthy frequencies.” (Models cost up to $999; there’s also a collar tag for pets.)
disconnect: According to the Guardian, the microchip is just a piece of wire.

Can You Fear Me Now?SafeTShield
The Claim: A small metallic disc stuck on your cell phone “prevents the radiation from penetrating the brain through the ear canal.”
disconnect: The ftc found that SafeTShield (and several products like it) could actually increase the intensity of radiation emissions.

Can You Fear Me Now?Orgone Safespace
The Claim: A “non-electric metal substrate holo-gram” that comes in what looks like a black plastic video-cassette box neutralizes radiation and enhances “the natural dna rewinding process.”
disconnect: Be kind, rewind—your dna?

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