Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC Ads Get “Cornographic”

Last we heard from Colbert Super PAC, the satirist Stephen Colbert’s political action committee, it had nearly created a massive loophole in the nation’s laws regulating money in politics. (In the end, the nation’s top campaign finance cop ruled favorably for Colbert and pro-regulation groups.)

Now, with the Republican presidential candidates descending on Ames, Iowa, for that town’s straw poll this weekend, Colbert Super PAC is at it again with a pair of campaign ads that are hilarious parodies of the typical pre-election spot. With Colbert as narrator, his PAC bashes outside political groups urging Iowans to write in Texas Gov. Rick Perry for the Ames Straw Poll, then tells viewers to write in “Rick Parry”—with an “a”—instead. “We want you to vote for Rick Parry, too—but not their Rick Perry, our Rick Parry,” Colbert intones.

Oh, and there’s some “cornography” in Colbert PAC’s ad. Really. Watch for yourself:

First ad:

And the second ad:

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