My Night Aboard an Aircraft Carrier

This certificate from USS Nimitz just made it on the short list of what to save from my house in the event of fire. It commemorates my landing aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier at sea off Hawaii last month—part of the Navy’s Great Green Fleet Demonstration whereby a carrier strike group and all its aircraft were fueled by alternatives: nuclear and biofuel blends. I’m writing more about my night aboard Nimitz and the US Navy’s rad new initiatives regarding energy and climate change for a forthcoming piece in Mother Jones.

Great Green Fleet demonstrates biofuels during RIMPAC 2012. Official US Navy Imagery via FlickrGreat Green Fleet demonstrates biofuels during RIMPAC 2012. In foreground, USNS Henry J Kaiser delivering biofuel blend to cruiser USS Princeton. Back left, USS Nimitz with 71 biofueled aircraft aboard. Back right, destroyer USS Chaffee: Official US Navy Imagery via Flickr

  • Julia Whitty is the environmental correspondent for Mother Jones. Her latest book is Deep Blue Home: An Intimate Ecology of Our Wild Ocean. For more of her stories, click here.

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