Photos: Barack Obama Loves Kids, Chairs, Fedoras, Pirates, and Nancy Reagan

A veritable Souzapalooza of candid shots by the omnipresent White House staff photographer.

| Thu Sep. 6, 2012 3:08 PM EDT

Need an extra Obama fix? Pete Souza, the tireless official White House photographer, has you covered—and his intimate pics will make your heart burst. Behold:

1. Obama with kids


2. Obama with Michelle, all romantic-like

3. Obama fist-bumping...


...and chest-bumping, too


4. ObamA SITTING IN CHAIRS (sorry, Clint Eastwood)


5. Obama with a happy Nancy Reagan


6. Obama with his back turned to the camera


7. Obama playing at "sport"


8. Barack Obama and the last crusade


9. Obama in a post-storm scene vaguely resembling a Norman Rockwell painting


10. Barack Hussein Obama, Pirate Appeaser

All photos by Pete Souza, White House photographer. Click on the photos to see the source image.