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Meet the NRA's Board of Directors

Tom Selleck, Ted Nugent, and Karl Malone are just some of the high-caliber individuals who call the shots at the National Rifle Association.

| Wed Jan. 16, 2013 7:06 AM EST

Members of the NRA board of directors in 2013

Joe M. Allbaugh
William H. Allen
Dr. Thomas P. Arvas
Scott L. Bach
William A. Bachenberg
Frank E. Bachhuber Jr.
M. Carol Bambery
Bob Barr
Ronnie G. Barrett
Clel Baudler
David E. Bennett
J. Kenneth Blackwell
Matt Blunt
Dan Boren
Robert K. Brown
Pete Brownell
Dave Butz
J. William "Bill" Carter
Ted W. Carter
Richard Childress
Patricia A. Clark
Allan D. Cors
Charles L. Cotton,
David G. Coy
Larry E. Craig
John L. Cushman
William H. Dailey
Joseph P. Debergalis Jr.
R. Lee "The Gunny" Ermey
Edie P. Fleeman
Joel Friedman
Sandra S. Froman
Tom Gaines
James S. Gilmore III
Marion P. Hammer
Maria Heil
Graham Hill
Stephen D. Hornady
Susan Howard
Roy Innis
H. Joaquin Jackson
Curtis S. Jenkins
David A. Keene
Tom King
Herbert A. "Herb" Lanford Jr.
Karl A. Malone
Carolyn Dodgen Meadows
John F. Milius
Bill Miller
Owen Buz Mills
Cleta Mitchell
Grover G. Norquist
Oliver L. North
Robert "Bob" Nosler
Johnny Nugent
Ted Nugent
Lance Olson
Timothy W. Pawol
James W. Porter II
Peter "Jay" Printz
Todd J. Rathner
Wayne Anthony Ross
Carl T. Rowan Jr.
Dr. Don Saba
Robert E. Sanders
William H. Satterfield
Ronald L. Schmeits
Tom Selleck
John C. Sigler
Leroy Sisco
Dwight D. Van Horn
Linda Walker
Howard J. "Walt" Walter
J.D. Williams
Robert J. Wos
Don E. Young

Source: NRA

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Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons (Selleck, Nugent, North, Ermey, Innis), NRA (Hammer, Malone, Clark, Keene, Ross, Rowan, Craig), Soldier of Fortune (Brown), Barrett Firearms (Barrett), Grover Norquist/Mother Jones (Norquist)

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