Jenny McCarthy Issues Blistering Indictment of ABC’s Continued Employment of Jenny McCarthy

Why is a person famous for controversially telling parents not to vaccinate their kids co-hosting ABC’s flagship daytime talk show The View? I don’t know. Probably because she’s famous and controversial, and people like to talk about people who are famous and controversial, and TV executives think people like to watch shows hosted by people who are famous and controversial, but maybe not. I don’t know what’s in Barbara Walter’s heart. Maybe there’s some other reason. Who knows!

According to Jenny McCarthy, however, the answer is that she’s famous and controversial for telling people not to vaccinate their kids.

A Q score is a measure of brand familiarity. It essentially measures a celebrity’s marketability. What this tweet is saying is ‘your outrage makes me more famous and my fame keeps me employed.’ Jenny McCarthy is famous for telling parents not to vaccinate their kids. This is not only awful advice, it’s dangerous advice, too. (There’s an outbreak of measles in New York City at this very moment.)

Vaccinate your kids.

(The View did not respond to my requests for comment on Jenny McCarthy’s suggestion that she is employed because of the notoriety she has achieved by loudly telling parents not to vaccinate their kids.)

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