Top Ten Stuff 'n' Things: 6/11/07

| Mon Jun. 11, 2007 10:33 PM EDT

Not included in this week's Top Ten: Major concert events at the Shoreline, controversial finales to popular television shows, or the new Queens of the Stone Age album, even though there are good things about all those things. But the Top Ten must be an honest appraisal, and if I'm moping around to swirly dream-pop and grooving to Southern hip-hop, then I have to tell you that, right? No off-limits topics here, thank you very much.

mojo-photo-pissedjeans.jpg 10. Pissed Jeans – "Secret Admirer" (from Hope for Men on Sub Pop)
If there's a better way to weed out weak and infirm listeners from the Top Ten than by kicking it off with distorted and scream-filled sludge metal, I don't know it. Take that, Riffers. This Pennsylvania foursome evoke a couple great hard rock bands (like The Melvins and The Jesus Lizard) on their second album, and this medium-tempo track has the growling menace of Killdozer. Anybody remember any of those bands?!

9. Sonny Jim – "Can't Stop Movin" (video via Stereogum)
The song, a filter-happy rework of an old Jackson 5 number, is pretty cool, but for me it's all about the video: disco-riffic footage from the Jackson 5 cartoon show, cut up to match the samples. There's a moment when all the Jacksons' faces appear, one by one, in screen-filling heart shapes, as their bell-bottomed silhouettes dance below – did we actually watch this?!

mojo-photo-pantha.jpg8. Pantha du Prince – "Florac" (from This Bliss on Dial, stream on his MySpace page)
Yes, yes, I know: the Top Ten needs more German techno like the internet needs more, um, geeky dudes like me writing about stuff they like. But this is a little different. Pantha du Prince (a.k.a. Hamburg's Hendrik Weber) makes minimal electronic music with a darker, more organic feel than his contemporaries; his MySpace page lists his location as "Antarctica," and you can almost believe it.

mojo-cover-comar.jpg7. ComaR - "Mr. Jones in a Forest" (The Cure. vs. Mike Jones, mp3 via Comar's site)
While it's doubtful any "Forest" mashup will ever equal the spine-tingling beauty of Gordyboy's 2003 Bjork combo "A Hidden Forest," French bootlegger ComaR has made an enjoyable runner-up. Houston rapper Mike Jones and his backup singers sound even more menacing over the Cure's double-time beat, and it's actually fun enough that you could almost dance to it. And not just that goth "swirly dance."

mojo-photo-justice.jpg6. Justice - Essential Mix, BBC Radio 1, Sunday June 10th, 2007
(listen for the next week here or grab an iffy-quality mp3 here)
The French techno duo's highly-anticipated album, (yes, that's a cross), comes out tomorrow, and this set is like a soundtrack to the release party. Squeezing a record 70 tracks into their two hours, and veering from Janet Jackson to the Chemical Brothers, the Human League to, um, the Ronettes, what Justice lose in beatmatched flow they more than make up for in fun. And I do like fun.

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