Top Ten Awesome Bush Shoe-Toss Animated GIFs

mojo-photo-bushshoe.jpgSometimes the internet might seem like a vast wasteland of empty-headed blogs (ahem!), pornography, and pop-up ads, but then something like this happens, and it renews one's faith in having this series of tubes hooked up to our idea trucks. Or whatever. Journalist Muntather al Zaidi not only expressed Iraqi frustrations at still-President Bush with his famous footwear lob, but also inspired legions of Photoshoppers to create their own chuckle-riffic versions of the event and provide them on their internets for all to see. My ten favorite, via Boing Boing, HuffPo, Wired, and Urlesque after the jump.

10. Pokemon

9. Some weird video game (help?)

8. Tis the Season

7. Monty Python's Stomping Foot

6. The Oozinator!!

5. The Matrix

4. Bom

3. Austin Powers

2. Stooges

1. Cat