Top 5 Christmas Conspiracies of 2009

| Mon Dec. 21, 2009 3:16 PM EST

The War on Christmas died a quiet death in 2009, according to Slate's Chris Beam. He's right, to a point: The righteous anger at retail outlets that used the phrase "happy holidays" is, (mostly) a thing of the past. But in its wake a new kind of conflict has arisen, that, in its idiosyncrasies and insanity, bears witness to where the nation’s political pulse has been and is going. The War on Christmas hasn't ended. It's just been teabagged.


Let's roll the tape:


The Holy Census: This winter, civil rights groups sought to raise awareness (and allay concerns) about the 2010 Census by highlighting the role of government record-keeping in the birth of Christ (Joseph and Mary were in Bethlehem for a Roman census). What could go wrong? I'll let the Free Republic respond:  "How come whenever a group of God hating, sacrilegious, communist, dictatorial, bureaucratic, evil, unscrupulous, conniving atheists invoke the name of Jesus I find myself questioning their motives?"

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