MAD Cartoonist Al Jaffee's Creations

The iconic satirist still aims to "corrupt the minds of young children."
Selected Quirks of Mad Cartoonist Al Jaffee

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People sometimes introduce cartoonist Al Jaffee as the "retching jackal guy" on account of a repulsive gag he once drew for Mad magazine. "It may be my most successful drawing," he says of the hurling canine. "It's utterly silly, I know, but serious people my age are dead." Silliness, of course, was stock and trade for Jaffee, who created some of the long-lived humor rag's most-beloved features, from Mad Inventions to Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions to the satirical fold-in back covers—which Jaffee still churns out on deadline at age 89. This slideshow includes examples of Jaffee's artwork. Also check out senior editor Michael Mechanic's Q&A with Jaffee, in which the artist reflects on his Huck Finn-style existence in Lithuania—"We were hungry all the time"—his pal Harvey Kurtzman, and totally ridiculous inventions. You know, like telephones! In your car