The Adventures of Unemployed Man

Quick, free marketeers! Deploy the social safety net!
Adventures of Unemployed Man 10

In better times, Unemployed Man was a hero called The Ultimatum. After the financial meltdown, he was left with no money, and the U on his suit took on a very different meaning. Now he secretly lives under his former mansion in a cave. He soon teams with Plan B, Wonder Mother, the Master of Degrees, and other down-but-not-out superheroes to fight the sinister villains of The Just Us League, including The Human Resource, The Toxic Debt Blob, and The Invisible Hand.

Excerpted from the graphic novel, The Adventures of Unemployed Man.

Credits: Erich Origen and Gan Golan. Also: Rick Veitch (penciling), Terry Beatty (inking), Lee Loughridge, (coloring), and Clem Robins (lettering).