The Reagan Rorschach

In 1984, Mother Jones asked artists to imagine four more years of the Gipper.
MoJo's 1984 Reagan Illustrations

In our October 1984 issue, just before Ronald Wilson Reagan was reelected president for a second term, Mother Jones published a special feature imagining the consequences of four more years of Reagan. An amazing collection of artists contributed work, including Marshall Arisman, Sue Coe, John Collier, Milton Glaser, Brad Holland, Matt Mahurin, and Gary Panter. Art direction was by Louise Kollenbaum. (The art accompanied writing by a fascinating cast: Carolyn Forché, Al Franken, Jayne Anne Phillips, Clancy Sigal, Leslie Marmon Silko, William Styron, Studs Terkel, Kurt Vonnegut, and Mary Helen Washington.)

It's interesting now to examine these images from the other side of history. This slideshow consists of full pages from our October 1984 issue, along with artists' comments. (For a surprising 1984 news item about another Reagan currently in the news, check out the very last image.)

Reagan would have celebrated his 100th birthday on Feb. 6; lately there are some great collections of Reagan images being posted online. For a few of our favorites, take a look at Bob Newman's post on the Society of Publication Designers site, as well as his Facebook gallery; see also Stephen Kroninger's post on drawger.