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    • Depleted Uranium: The Invisible Threat New evidence that depleted uranium munitions may have sickened European and American soldiers who served in Kosovo and in the Gulf War is sparking a worldwide outcry. In 1999, the MoJo Wire was the first to report that the Pentagon had no plans to clean up the DU left behind in Kosovo, despite health concerns. Here's the original story from our archives, along with more resources on DU.
    • A Card in Every Foxhole The MoJo Wire offers a home-grown solution to one of the military's most nagging problems.
    • The Balkan Tribe The people of the Balkans look forward to the millenium with the eyes of the fourteenth century. It is a world where Michael Jackson meets the Ottoman invasion. On a moonless summer night in 1992, I became its prisoner.
    • The New Mafia Order The 'sistema,' which has ruled Sicily since my great-grandparents were children, has grown into a transnational empire of crime, and a trading power of phenomenal reach.
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