Email Demographics


Which of these have you done in the last 12 months? Select all that apply.

Voted in a federal, state, or local election 73.4%
Signed a petition 73.11%
Contacted an elected official about some matter of public business 70.3%
Donated money to a nonprofit organization 64.7%
Volunteered 45.3%
Donated money to a candidate or political campaign 43.0%
Took an active part in a local or national civic issue 38.2%
Attended an event for a nonprofit organization 37.9%
Contacted a media outlet such as a radio or television station, magazine, or newspaper   30.5%
Wrote or produced something that has been published by a media outlet 15.9%
Actively worked for a political party and/or a candidate for office 15.7%
Addressed a public meeting 12.9%
Served on the board of directors of a nonprofit organization 12.7%

On which of the following topics are members of your peer group likely to seek your opinion and advice? Please select all that apply.

Books, music, movies, and other forms of entertainment 76.6%
News, politics, and world events 76.1%
Travel (domestic and international) 37.1%
Technology and home electronics 34.0%
Leisure activities/sports 26.0%
Beverages (bars/clubs/lounges, wine, cocktails, and microbrews)   25.4%
Business (trends, practices, policy, etc.) 25.1%
Automobiles 18.9%
Personal finance and investment (real estate, mutual funds, etc.)   18.4%
Home design and furnishings 17.0%
Fashion and personal style 11.4%

Do you agree with the following statements? Please select all that apply.

I am more likely to respect and trust brands that advertise on than on other sites   83.1%
I am more likely to interact with advertising I see on than ads on other sites 41.5%
I am more likely to take action on the advertising I see on than on other sites   37.8%

How would you describe your political point of view?.

Progressive 45.0%
Liberal 30.1%
Independent 8.9%  


Green Lifestyle

Please indicate which of the following statements you agree with. Please select all that apply.

Healthy eating and good nutrition are important to me 86.3%
I believe a corporation’s commitment to social responsibility matters 83.3%
Energy-efficiency/other environmental criteria are important to me when purchasing products for my home   81.3%
I am willing to spend more on a product that is safe for the environment 79.6%
I would consider purchasing an electric, hybrid, or alternative fuel vehicle 78.2%
My trust in a company affects my buying habits 70.8%
I do not purchase products that are tested on animals 39.4%
I prefer using alternative forms of medicine and healing over prescription drugs 38.0%
I am one of the first of my friends to try new environmentally safe products 36.4%
I am one of the first of my friends to try new trends or innovations 24.5%

How often do you or members of your household shop at a natural/organic food market or supermarket, the natural/organic food section of your supermarket, farmer’s market, or coop?

Sometimes 40.0%
Most of the time 34.1%
I always shop this way   14.0%
Hardly ever 11.9%

About how much does your household spend per week on natural, organic, or "healthy" products?

$50-$99 36.2%
$100 – above   17.5%


Internet Usage

Which of the following items and/or services have you ordered on the Internet in the last 6 months? Select all that apply.

Books 80.7%
Clothing 53.6%
Music 50.1%
Movies/DVDs 43.7%
Computers and/or peripherals 34.7%
Travel and/or vacation information 33.8%
Electronics 33.3%
Educational material 27.1%
Natural food/health products 21.8%
Vitamin/Mineral supplements 20.8%
Athletic footwear (running, walking)   18.2%
Coffee/Tea 16.2%
Outdoor apparel 15.4%
Flowers/Fruit/Candies 14.9%
Camera (digital or 35mm) or photography equipment   14.1%
Camping or backpacking equipment 11.4%
Financial services 10.4%



Do you agree with the following statements regarding financial matters? Please select all that apply.

I do a lot of research before making major financial decisions/investments   50.8%
I seek out professional advice regarding my financial and investment decisions   32.3%
I consider myself financially savvy when it comes to investment decisions   15.2%
I am always interested in new investment opportunities 7.9%

Is social responsibility one of the criteria you use when making your investment decisions?

Yes 61.8%
Sometimes 29.8%

Which of the following investments do you own? Please select all that apply.

Individual retirement accounts (e.g. IRA, Keogh, 401k plans) 60.2%
Life insurance 38.0%
Mutual funds (stocks/bonds) 37.4%
Common or preferred stock 32.9%
Money market funds 28.5%
Savings certificate/CD 24.6%
Annuities 15.9%
Corporate bonds or debentures 9.6%
Tax exempt funds 9.5%
Investment collections of antiques, rare books, stamps, etc.   8.2%
Gold or other precious metal commodities 5.8%

What would you estimate is the total value of your investment portfolio

Under $50,000 50.5%
$51,000 – $100,000 15.4%
101,000 – $250,000 14.1%
$250,001 – $500,000 10.7%
$500,001 – $1,000,000   6.2%
More than $1,000,000   3.1%

What kind of work do you do?

Professional services (e.g., accounting, architecture, law, business consulting)   18.4%
Education 15.8%
Technology and sciences 11.3%
Media 7.3%
Health care 6.8%
Social services 4.5%



Which of the following have you consumed in the past 30 days? Please select all that apply.

Beer 57.0%
Domestic wine 53.8%
International wine 36.3%
None of these 23.3%
Vodka 22.0%
Tequila 15.2%
Gin 13.2%
Rum 12.5%
Bourbon 11.3%
Champagne 10.7%
Scotch 10.1%
Cordials and liqueurs   8.6%


SOURCE: Summer 2010 Survey Monkey Email Survey