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Independent World Report
Bimonthly. €45. ISSN: 2000-3757

New global magazine of human rights journalism. Reportage, opinion pieces, photo stories, and essays on the state of rights, freedoms, and liberties. Dedicated coverage of women, children, ethnic/religious minorities, LGBT, refugees, writers/journalists, and workers. Reader-supported.

Making Peace with Gravity: The Art and Science of Movement for Inner Harmony, Pain Relief and Joint Longevity
By Michael Tonetti

An educational/instructional DVD to support your health practice. Gently release tight muscles that block energy and cause inflammation. Learn to harness gravity for effortless movement and explore strategies to keep your joints feeling good.

Capitalism: Unjust, Unstable, Unsustainable
By Benjamin Battersby

Available at

Battersby presents the anatomy of capitalist economic collapses–past, present, and future–and the social and cultural devastation that follows. Exalted and dissident economists since Adam Smith have largely ignored the issue, much to our peril.

Various artists
Ululoa Productions. CD, $16.98.

A 17-song compilation from women sharing "their" Hawai’i. The booklet presents a visual interpretation through the eye of Lori Higgins in a tour-de-force of her signature, island-inspired art. See the beauty, hear the spirit—feel the power of Wahine, a lovingly recorded tapestry of aloha.

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