Natural Products-Personal Care

Natural Products Shoppers 98.7%
Purchased All-Natural Personal Care in the past 6 months 78.5%
Personal Care Market Size 637,338
Average Annual Expenditure on Natural Products $3,192.80
Types of Products Used
Toothpaste 56.1%
Hand & Body cream/lotion 44.5%
Bath/Shower products 44.4%
Hair-care 43.2%
Deodorant 42.3%
Sunscreen 25.4%
Cosmetics 24.7%
Herbal/Homeopathic ointments 17.1%
Aromatherapy products 11.7%


Amazon Herb Company

Aveda Corporation

Clear Conscience

Dr. Bronner’s


Herbal Magic

Sun Dog Hemp Body Care

The Body Shop